Bivoks Matpakke pose - Pink Flowers - Mi + Moe

239,00 kr

Made of cotton, organic jojoba and coconut-oil, beeswax and resin. Handmade in Norway where we love our 'matpakke' or brought food! For school, work and long hikes. It keeps your sandwiches fresh, without use of plastic-wrap and is 100% biodegradable after finished use.

Easy to bring with you, and takes up no space after you've eaten your food.

Use it for sandwiches, fruit, snacks and cheese. Not suited for raw meat, fish or hot food. Re-use it many times, just rinse with cold water or brush off with a clean dish-cloth, store dry and it can last up to 6 months to a year. Never ever put in washing-machine, dish-washer or dryer as the wax will melt. You can easily re-wax it yourself.

Approx 26 cm tall and 19 cm wide. Will take on a worn look after use, makes it even more beautiful!

mi+moe is based in Bergen, Norway after starting up in Vancouver in 2018. Instagram; miandmoe

Thanks for your interest and thank you for choosing a product that will help reduce our use of single-use products and plastic.